Conviction rather than convention, Armour rather than adornment, are the guiding principles of STATEMENT jewelry.

About Statement

Conviction rather than convention is the guiding principle of STATEMENT. Armour, not adornment: women don’t need ornaments, but symbols of freedom and expressions of their inner strength. STATEMENT jewellery is a reminder that each challenge is an opportunity for victory, each step is a unique moment and within us, all the possibilities already coalesce. With its geometric lines inspired by brutalism and art deco punk, its futuristic and digital visual identity, STATEMENT draws luxury into a new dimension:fine jewellery for the future that nods to the inherent codes of its peers while challenging conventions. 

Each piece is the expression of uncompromising aesthetics, handcrafted by fine jewellery artisans and their unique know-how. STATEMENT blends the brilliant hardness of diamond and the malleability of silver, bringing together the inalterable and time’s patina, setting a stone from the dawn of time into jewellery shooting into the future.


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