Holidermie is a new generation of complete and synergetic beauty programs combining personalised supplements, super-antioxidant skin treatments and HoliFace Yoga methods.

About Holidermie

Launched in 2019, the nutri-cosmetic synergy brand Holidermie is the brainchild of Mélanie Huynh. 

Holidermie approaches Beauty through a holistic prism ultimately inspired by Chinese medicine and its holistic approach. The brand combines topical care, food supplements, facial yoga, nutrition and well-being. Mélanie Huynh imagined a brand in line with her values: the active ingredients are of natural origin; the product formulations are "clean", vegan-friendly, free from controversial substances. The product range is based on the synergy of active ingredients applied in topical care and ingested orally, boosting the effectiveness of their properties.



Isabelle Herbreteaui - herbreteau@holidermie.com
Alix Bossard - a.bossard@holidermie.com