About Æra Nova

ÆRA NOVA means new period, new era. One where luxury is imagined and offered differently to adapt to ongoing challenges brought on by its excellence, but also by to the structural and economic environments in which it operates. The moniker of a group that embraces feminine intuition, respect for its entwined roots in France and Asia, the quest for beauty and the choice of a responsible Future.

The brands supported by ÆRA NOVA attest to its convictions: the wild and futuristic femininity of Statement jewelry, the quest for well-being and the beautiful aging of Holidermie, the balance between artisanal know-how and modernity of the Maison de parfum D'ORSAY, the love of the Arts and French savoir-vivre of Château Malromé.

ÆRA NOVA also means new generation. One where the group broadens its scope to the West while continuing to be passionate about Asia. Its first project, ÆRA PRIMA, continues to promote French excellence in East Asia.

Two letters in a ligature, a strong visual markers that can be found in “æquo”, which evokes the importance of gender equality;  and in “intuitu personæ”, which reminds of the personal investment of the its two leaders in each brand; but also in the French words œil, the eye, and cœur, the heart, as a symbol of a group led like a family, open to the world and turning its gaze on it.


The ÆRA NOVA luxury group was initiated in 2011 by Amélie Huynh and incorporated in 2020. Its jewelry, perfumes and skincare development division focused on the Asian market, offering luxury product ranges conceived and manufactured in France. Strengthened by its successes in promoting French excellence and craftsmanship in Asia, the group decided to broaden its reach with projects for the Western market. 

Mélanie Huynh joined her sister in 2014 to manage the renovation of Château Malromé, which reopened in 2017, to create an experience combining contemporary art, historical conservation apartments and gastronomy.

In 2015, seduced by the history of its founder, an esthete and patron of the arts, the Group acquired the D'ORSAY perfume house. Seeing it as a brand made that combined history and know-how, Amélie Huynh decided to write a new chapter in its storied history, relaunching its ranges and culminating with the opening of a Parisian boutique in 2019.

Launched in December 2018, Statement is Amélie Huynh’s manifesto in the language of jewellery. By combining femininity and power, the brand has become synonymous with freedom and assertiveness, embodied in the geometric lines of its pieces in silver and diamonds. The first Statement boutique opens in early October 2020.

A stylist with an international footprint, Mélanie Huynh began her personal holistic beauty project in 2016. Launched in September 2019, Holidermie combines topical care, dietary supplements, facial yoga, nutrition and well-being. 

Resolutely French and profoundly cosmopolitan, at once rooted in Paris and ÆRA NOVA is a female-led family group infused by a culture of curiosity and creativity under the impulsion of its founders, both passionate about contemporary art. ÆRA NOVA stands for attention to detail, excellence in execution and a spirit of non-conformity. 

Amélie Huynh

President of the ÆRA NOVA Group
Founder of Statement

Born to a French mother and Chinese father, Amélie Huynh trained in Luxury Industries Marketing, where her final thesis focused on the diamond industry. Passionate about jewelry, she joined Maison Chaumet, working there for 8 years, going from Press Relations to Product Marketing in the Jewelry and High Jewelry segments. She then left Place Vendôme to launch a jewelry brand for Asia. In 2010, she created an agency specializing in the creation of French jewelry, perfumery and cosmetics for the Asian market. It quickly extended its activities to sourcing and widened its offer to wines and spirits.

In 2014, her family acquired Château Malromé. Former home of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the Château was revived by Amélie and her sister Mélanie, with the support of their father, and now houses a gallery of contemporary art gallery, a restaurant and the restored historical apartments of the painter's and his mother Adèle.

From 2015, she worked on the rebirth of the House of perfumes D’ORSAY. As an homage to its founder, an attractive and polymathic aesthete, the fundamentals of the House have been preserved. A first store opened at 44 rue du Bac in 2019, offering a new line of body and interior fragrances as well as olfactory instruments of a minimalist and precious design.

Her passion for diamonds caught up with her and she launched a more personal project with STATEMENT. Launched at the end of 2018, this jewellery line challenged the notion of jewellery as adornment, preferring to see as a precious armour, where each piece becomes an extension of the self and where feminine symbols multiply. 

After the launch of Mélanie’s nutri-cosmetic synergy brand Holidermie in September 2019, the sisters formalize their association by creating the group ÆRA NOVA in 2020.

Mélanie Huynh

General Director of ÆRA NOVA
Founder of Holidermie 

Born to a French mother and Chinese father, Mélanie Huynh was attracted to fashion from a very young age. Studying fashion design and modeling from the age of 17 onwards, she entered the artisanal workshops of Maison Martin Margiela. 

After resuming her education with studies in Fashion Marketing and Communication, she turned to the world of photography and the press, working with photographers' agents and fashion magazines, including Vogue France where she worked 8 years as Fashion Editor.

Today a freelance stylist, she is also a consultant for the brand Altuzarra since its beginnings in 2007 and collaborates with prestigious houses like Elie Saab, Lanvin, Carven, Loewe, Léonard and Alexandre Vauthier.

Her career having allowed her to meet the greatest doctors, naturopaths and health specialists, she decides to share her experience by creating an unprecedented global beauty ritual for active women. In September 2019, she launched nutri-cosmetic synergy brand Holidermie, focusing on an approach to beauty through a holistic prism, combining topical care and food supplements, facial yoga, nutrition and well-being.

She is also Managing Director of the ÆRA NOVA family group which owns the brands D’Orsay, Statement, Holidermie and is actively involved in the daily management of Château Malromé.